Tips to having an ideal breakfast nook

A breakfast nook provides a comfortable place for having your breakfast, working, or resting. Getting an ideal breakfast nook requires improvisation and good consideration of various factors.

Play with colors

When setting up your nook, feel free to play with the colors as it is one of the few places in the kitchen, you get to do that. Do not go for only one color; instead, choose a suitable color palette. A light blue color coupled with white color can be an excellent choice as it portrays a calm environment.

You can also go with a bright color, such as yellow, and couple it with soft, warm tones. A bright color can light up the nook’s space, fueling positive energy in the morning. Consider adding a set of green flowers to add an aspect of freshness.

Fitting your breakfast nook according to space

Do not let space limit you from enjoying the perks of having a breakfast nook. A small pedestal table is enough, and it needs only to accommodate your breakfast. Put the setting close to the window to maximize lighting in your home.

On the other hand, you may be needing a breakfast nook that will accommodate several people. A three-sided booth is appropriate to accommodate them. The pedestal table should be sufficient to accommodate at least six people.

Utilize your corners

A corner is an ideal place to set your table. A rounded table is appropriate for this setting as it helps maximize space. For this setting, having a color that complements your wall fits well and provides a better look.

Consider going vintage

A vintage style for a breakfast nook is inviting. If you can mix the patterns appropriately, it will look traditional but classy. Get some vintage seats from your local market, and set them up in your eating nook.

Ensure that you get plenty of lighting

A breakfast nook with plenty of light will help ‘light’ up your day. White and other bright colors can achieve a livelier look. If the colors do not provide the light you require, add a large pendant light illuminating the whole area.

Try different seating styles

Always feel free to be creative with the breakfast nook areas. It is not a must that you have a couch or a seat on the breakfast nook. Try having some stools or cubes. The area will still be inviting and will serve its purpose while always looking classy.

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