How To Choose a TV Stand

Finding the right TV stand is always a challenging task for homeowners. Many people spend a considerable percentage of their leisure time watching favorite TV shows and soaps. Moreover, people frequently turn on their TVs during family gatherings and other important events in their households. Also, you may organize gaming sessions or moving nights with friends. As such, one needs to choose a TV stand that best suits their flat-screen television. Some of the best factors to consider to select the suitable TV stand for your room include:

Determine the Eye Level

The height of your TV stand should be directly proportional to your eye level. A stand should not position the television neither too high nor too low. To determine the best eye level distance, conduct an experiment with your friends to acquire the excellent height of your stand. Lastly, measure the height of your television to establish the appropriate size of the stand to purchase. Buy a TV stand that can comfortably be adjusted to create an excellent viewing height.

Measure the Width and Size of Your Television

The size a TV stand should match with the width and height of your flat-screen television. This factor is essential to prevent a TV from overhanging or a stand being bigger or smaller than the television. For a 40- or 50-inch television you should purchase a large stand of swivel model. Lastly, a TV stand should correctly support the weight and length of your television preventing it from falling.

Select the Right Material

You should always choose durable and appealing materials for designing your TV stand. The best long-lasting materials include; glass, wood, metal and medium-density fireboards. Metal and wood are TV stands are best-suited for households with children since they are heavy and stable and cannot fall off easily. As such, metal and wood stands are the best options when you are working on a tight budget since they are cheap. Glass stands are best for low-traffic homes. Medium-density fireboards and particle boards are the cheaper options to wood.

Consider the Room Layout

Evaluate the size of your room before buying a TV stand. Residing in an irregularly or small shaped room does mean you should not purchase the television of your dreams. A corner TV stand enables you to have an optimal viewing angle in a tightly packed house. Alternatively, a wall-mount TV stand helps you to free up the space in your home facilitating easier and quick movement.

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